Monday, August 6, 2012

Big and little

Ellie went in for her 3-year checkup today, along with Katie who was due for her 6-month visit. A very sad momma had to miss the whole thing because of work... boo! (Although I didn't mind missing Katie having to get a trio of shots.) Dad came to the rescue and took the girls to the doctor. What an enlightening visit it was. Turns out big sister is the little one right now. Here are some highlights:

  • Katie is a chunky-monkey. She weighed in at 17 lbs, 9 oz and is 26 inches long. This puts her in around the 85th percentile for weight... a far cry from the 15-25th percentile she landed in shortly after birth.
  • She's got the green light to move forward with veggies and fruits, so we'll start expanding out from the rice cereal she's getting.
  • Ellie is STILL at 30lbs, the weight she's been at for about 6 months now. She's also an impressive 38 inches tall. Her long, lean body explains why it's impossible to get pants that fit her right now. The 3T shorts she had on last week ended up around her knees after just a couple steps... but 2T pants look like capris... so the cooler weather season (assuming it ever gets here) should be interesting. The doc isn't worried about Ellie's weight plateau. She said as long as Ellie is eating fairly consistently and getting a variety of foods, she's fine. And we even got the green light to switch her from 2% to skim milk, so we're looking forward to buying just one kind of milk in the house... at least for the next 6 months or so until Katie arrives at the whole milk phase.
  • Ellie was also instructed by the very wise doctor to give up her thumb-sucking ways. We're hopeful that the advice will stick coming from someone other than mom and dad... but we'll see. If you see her sucking that thumb, remind her that (as the doctor told her) it might make her get germs.
  • Since we've been passing a head cold around the house for a week or two now, it was reassuring to have the doc rule out ear infections or other more serious conditions. So we all just have heads for of snot -- no worse, no better.
Serious kudos to Brian for fetching the girls and then powering through the double doctor's visit. I was grateful we could schedule the whole thing at once. And Ellie was a good big sister, telling Katie "it's OK" when she cried at shot time. So sweet.

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  1. Hooray for healthy girls! Nory weighs a whopping 19 pounds at the moment. I'm astounded she outweighs Katie. A friend of mine has a very tall skinny girl...she has to take in all of her daughter's pants so they don't fall off, and then let them all back out again when her younger (much less tall and skinny) girl grows into them. Are you handy with a needle and thread?