Friday, January 21, 2011

Christmas in January

Doesn't have quite the same ring to it as "Christmas in July," but we were thrilled to get down to St. Louis this past weekend for a late holiday celebration with Brian's family. Here Ellie crowded in with some of the many stuffed animals she got as gifts this year. She's having a great time with them, carrying them around the house by their ears or arms or neck. So loving :)
Ellie also got new books from her great-grandparents.
And a new musical instrument!
It was nice having a long weekend to spend down there, hanging out around the house and visiting some friends. Ellie is still working on saying "grandma," but Linda earned plenty of points by sharing her hot cocoa!
And Ellie impressed grandpa Bob by learning to say "paw-paw" and showing off her new elephant noise (complete with using her hand/arm as a trunk!)... video to come.
Ellie dutifully checked everyone's noses throughout the weekend to make sure they made a proper "beep"-ing noise. What a relief.
She also got a new tricycle from Brian's dad, grandpa Wallheimer.
Ellie got some very cool wooden blocks from the Wallheimers, too. Her fave game is dumping them out :)
And she let me have a hair-styling party on her one day. This was the result... lots of pigtails and braids!

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