Monday, January 24, 2011

Lazy weekend mornings

I sure miss my weekend mornings at home with Ellie and Brian when Monday morning hits each week :(
Yes, it's true our weekend mornings often start earlier than Brian and I would like (read: before 7 a.m...) but Ellie's cuteness makes it all worthwhile. Here are a couple recent weekend pics. In the first, Ellie is sporting a new hat my friend Abby knitted for me. It looks super cute on Ellie, but to steal one of her new favorite phrases: "mine!"
And here Ellie is enjoying some pancakes. We taught her how to dip pieces of her pancake or waffle into syrup. She in turn taught herself how to dip her own fingers into the syrup and then lick them off or simply make the world a stickier place.

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