Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sick bay

Coming off our long weekend, Ellie is still fighting her lingering cold and Brian has picked up some sort of bug. After feeling bad yesterday, he woke up this morning feeling worse and running a fever. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I can avoid the worst of this and just stick with the minor head cold I've got!
I always forget from one time to the next how awfully hard it is to have a sick household. When it was just me and Brian, we didn't enjoy getting sick but it seemed more manageable. On days like today, with Brian seriously down-for-the-count, I had to jump into action taking care of Ellie while still making it into work as close to 6 a.m. as possible. And, of course, I was worried about Brian and trying to make sure he got some medicine and food... but with Ellie on the scene these days there's less time for doting on the spouse.
We left Brian under a warm blanket at 5:55 a.m. and trekked out to the car — in the rain — with me balancing Ellie in one arm and my lunch, coffee, work papers, purse and car keys in the other. Her teacher was surprised to see us roll into the classroom so early, but I was happy to have the option since our day care opens at 6 a.m. I know it's hard for Brian to send Ellie off to daycare when he's at home, but he needs to get better and not risk giving Ellie whatever germs he's got (even though he probably got them from her in the first place!)
I'm feeling stressed and somewhat like things are being held together with Scotch tape today. But I'm trying to remind myself that we'll all feel better soon. This too shall pass.

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