Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Emma and other Whitecap fun

Here are some more pictures from our Christmas vacation up at Whitecap ski resort in northern Wisconsin. Grandma and mom spent plenty of time loving on Ellie. As I returned to work this week I fully realized how awesome it was to be around Ellie all day each day! Turns out she's pretty fun.
Ellie also got some good visits in with her aunts and uncles, even though she's still a little clingy to mom and dad sometimes. Here she is with Uncle Ben and Aunt Candice.
Laundry basket rides gone wild!
And, introducing Ellie's friend Emma! (Which is now one of Ellie's favorite words to say... and we hear all about Emma even a week after our cousins headed back to Chicago.) It was fun to watch the girls play together (or at least in the same vicinity!) They did really well together, but every so often we'd hear an outraged "NO!" out of Ellie as she snatched a toy away from Emma or vice versa. Emma is 8 days younger than Ellie and is a total bundle of energy! Ellie learned a lot about running and climbing from this gal.

And this video just cracks me up!

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