Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Nature center

The winter weather has forced Ellie and I to explore indoor activity options around the area, for our afternoon adventures. We recently checked out the Lilly Nature Center in West Lafayette, and I was beyond impressed! This place is a treasure trove of activities for kids, even for ones as young as Ellie. She was won over solely by the bin of crayons that's almost as big as she is...
But we also explored the animals scattered around the center and a puppet show area, complete with hand puppets!
My favorite part was this corner where you can watch for birds through these massive windows. There are tons of feeders set up to attract the birds, and they've even got a sound system wired so you can hear the birds! We were spying on a beautiful cardinal for some time... and when it flew away Ellie promptly asked: "where?" (did it go...)
We took her wonderful drawing with when we left. In addition to the indoor center, there are trails surrounding the facility. I see us becoming regular visitors to this facility even once the weather is nice again.

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