Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ready to shovel

Brian did the heavy lifting on the shoveling front this week, but Ellie and I went out yesterday to clean up the additional dusting that fell on the driveway and walk.
Ellie is a huge fan of being outside, going bye-bye, etc. As soon as I asked if she wanted to put her pink boots on, Ellie rushed to find them. And after I put on each piece of outside clothes (which were numerous, as you can see!) she excitedly said "bye-bye!" I had to explain to her the merits of having two boots on, instead of one, and a coat and hat and scarf...
While I did a quick sweep with the shovel, Ellie explored the snowy terrain. I'm not sure what happened but at one point I heard her crying. I turned around and her head was covered in snow! She must have tipped over into the lawn where the snow was deeper, but it looked for all the world like she had had a major skiing wipe-out. I tried not to laugh as I wiped the cold stuff off her face and hat and scarf. She recovered quickly and immediately struck out for more exploring.

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