Thursday, April 21, 2011

Indy zoo

Ellie and chaperone Dad went to the Indianapolis Zoo on Wednesday with the class from daycare. It sounds like they all had a blast! One of the daycare workers told me today that Ellie and only a couple other kiddos really got into the zoo experience, getting excited when they saw different animals and generally running around. That's our girl!
Apparently her favorite part was the seal exhibit, where they could watch them swimming all around through windows in the walls and ceiling.

And then she was all tuckered out from the excitement. I'm so glad Brian and Ellie got to spend the day together on this fun trip! But now I want to go to the zoo sometime this summer :)

p.s.... I may have jumped at the chance for Brian or I chaperone when I first heard about the trip because I was nervous about sending Ellie an hour out of town and on the highway in a bus with ... well, not either of us! Does that make me crazy, crazy mom? Either way, I guess, it worked out. Since Brian was driving his own car he got to stop at Trader Joes on the way back from the zoo and get some of our favorites (i.e. lots of cheap wine)...

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