Thursday, April 14, 2011

Visit to Rockford

Ellie and I went to Rockford this past weekend to visit my mom -- or g'ma, as Ellie says -- and help my good friend Sarah celebrate her 30th birthday. One of Ellie's favorite parts was the Crispix that she found over and over again in my mom's cabinet. She had a LOT of cereal while we were there. I love how she would sit Indian style in this old high-chair my mom pulled out. She donned her pink tutu for church on Sunday morning. This looks like she's gearing up for a twirl, but really Ellie was about to yank out her pony tail for the fourth time that morning.
I made one of my mom's choir friends take a picture of the three of us after mass since the last shot we have of the trio is from when Ellie was about six weeks old.
p.s. Brian wasn't uninvited on the trip, he just stayed in Lafayette to work on demolishing our downstairs bathroom. He did a good job. The room is destroyed. Now we just have to put it back together...

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