Thursday, April 7, 2011

Welcome weather!

Not sure the weather could have been any better yesterday. When I felt the temperatures rising in the afternoon I quickly abandoned our initial dinner plans and prepped a BBQ feast. We enjoyed steak with mushrooms and onions, sweet potato and grilled asparagus. It tasted like summer!
As Ellie and I set out for our afternoon outing I realized it's time for regular sunscreen applications, since I can barely drag her back in the house these days. I got plenty of SPF 50 on her already rosy cheeks — and then it smelled like summer! I'm sure I'll be complaining about the heat and humidity before too long, but right now I say bring it on. We need a nice thaw after the long winter.
Here's a shot of Ellie carrying a big stick (though not speaking softly). She found this tree limb in a yard and insisted on taking it along with us. I actually had to break part of it off to aid her efforts. Even then she kept tripping over it and finally settled for walking backwards and dragging it. But who can resist that cheesy grin?

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