Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Latest tricks

It's been awhile since I've updated all that Ellie can say and do. It's A LOT these days! I keep hoping to catch some of the cutest stuff on video, but for now this list will have to suffice:

  • Mama/mommy, dada/dady, paw-paw (for grandpa), g'ma (for grandma), Bebby (for her teacher Becky), Rarar (Radar), Mubby/muz (for Muzzy), please, NO!, yes, nice, mine, up, ball, Elmo, Ernie, Bert, dog, egg... others that escape me right now. Just seems like she's been talking up a storm!
  • Favorite animal sounds include: Bear-roar, dog-(panting noise)/bark-bark, cat-meow, snake-sssss, cow-moo, horse-neigh, elephant-(the noise elephant's make...)
  • She's also pretty good at repeating the alphabet back to me if I go slowly through A,B,C...
  • And she jumps in with "two" and "three" if we start counting... but she usually thinks 2 comes after any subsequent number we say.

  • She's a great scribbler these days with her crayons.
  • Loves to sort out her blocks into shapes.
  • Takes good care of her babies, putting them "nite-nite" and offering drinks from the bottle.
  • Constantly is taking things out or putting things into buckets, baskets, etc.
  • "Reads" to herself, babbling as she turns the pages of her books.
  • Playing Cinderella, or so it seems. She loves to grab a towel or rag and "scrub" the floor, wipe down the table and even tries to help me vacuum. Oh, and she digs out the mop at least once a day.
  • Sings and does the motions to favorite songs — which include Row, row your boat; Wheels on the Bus; and Twinkle, twinkle little star. My recent favorite is when she sings the last line "all through the town" for Wheels on the Bus... even though it sounds a bit like "Awl boo da down."
  • She's also a great audience, excitedly clapping and shouting "yay!" at the end of each song... even the silly ones I make up!

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