Friday, April 1, 2011

Ooh, bup

I hesitated to blog about this thus far because I can picture Ellie being embarrassed about it in 15 years or so... but it's too funny not to share :) For a few weeks now, Ellie has been announcing when she has gas. Or when dad has gas, for that matter. (I'm a lady.) She's also been sharing the news when one of us coughs or sneezes. She says "bup" to share the news... or "ooh, bup" if it's particularly loud or exciting (?) Brian is thrilled by this development, and I can't say it doesn't crack me up, too. But I'm not encouraging the behavior like Brian is! He's very proud of her new talent. When I picked her up from daycare today, her teacher Becky excitedly told me that Ellie had farted during the morning and then proudly said "butt." Maybe that's what she's been saying all along when we've heard "bup"... hard to tell. But I hope you've enjoyed this potty-humor-themed posting. Sorry in advance, Ellie, since I'm guessing dad will pull a copy of this out just in time for your first date.

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