Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Parent-teacher conference

Brian and I went in this morning for a meeting with the head teacher in Ellie's room. She got a glowing report during the conference! And it was really helpful for us to get feedback from Dena and to ask some questions. We asked about whether it's time to take Ellie's potty training endeavors to the next step, and Dena said the teachers there would work with her today to see how she did on a half-hour schedule of trying the potty. Brian and I have faced much resistance at home when we try to get Ellie to go first thing in the morning and right after nap. She only wants to use the potty when it's her idea... but she's smart enough and aware enough to realize when she has to go. In fact, she often announces it! So now we just need to keep up the positive reinforcement, I guess. It's a work in progress but not something we're stressing about too much. She's got time.
It was nice to hear from Dena how advanced Ellie seems in her language skills. We don't have any other kids around regularly to compare her to, but we've certainly been impressed by the way she picks up on stories and songs and just about everything we say. Sounds like we're not the only ones :)
Hopefully this is the first of very positive parent-teacher conferences we have!

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