Thursday, December 1, 2011


We all had a great Thanksgiving up in Rockford this year. Ellie was a huge fan of daddy's turkey (the 24-pound beast he made using a new, special brine recipe) and the chocolate chip pie! Her only disappointment, somewhat humorously, was when she took a bite of the sweet potato casserole thinking it was hummus and came away disgusted. Our little weirdo apparently wanted hummus instead of the sugary, buttery potatoes.
She had a lot of fun during the evening playing peek-a-boo with cousin Izzy and Aunt Pat...
And tracing hands on her new Aqua doodle with Izzy and Eliot, among other games.
We've started a new generation of the obligatory "cousins" stairway photo at the holidays, too. Here's the clan from this year with a smiles shot...
... and a goofy one!

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  1. I love the pictures on the stairs! We do a kids picture every year at Christmas. We still do, actually, even though the "first wave" of grandkids are all old enough to drink, and the "second wave" of grandkids are starting to get into high school. But it's still so much fun. :)