Wednesday, December 21, 2011

White (early) Christmas

We got snow in Rockford on Saturday, the day that my family celebrated our early Christmas at my mom's house. It was less than an inch of snow but made everything very beautiful and festive. Ellie enjoyed "helping" shovel.
And we went for a walk in the white stuff.

My camera battery was dying, so I didn't get shots of the present opening at my moms. Ellie was very spoiled by my siblings and mom... SO many great gifts. Here she is giving her new Cookie Monster toy a hug and kiss during the drive home — this one's a double-winner because Cookie Monster actually eats the toy cookies he came with, and he has a backpack just like Dora. We're also super excited for Ellie's new art easel, tons of art supplies, a new Packers pillow pet, puzzles, books and other toys. Did I mention that she's a very lucky girl?
Merry Christmas to all the Schneiders (and Lewises and other extended family we won't get to connect with this year)! And we can't wait to see all of the St. Louis family this weekend!

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