Monday, January 30, 2012

Play dates!

Ellie was a social butterfly this past weekend, with play dates on Saturday and Sunday!
Here she is checking out Hattie's chalkboard (above), and getting some serious Ring around the Rosie action going with the kids over at Karah and Kevin's house. Even though their "Rosie" dance was a little unorthodox, Hattie and Ellie definitely had the falling down part nailed. I was tired just watching them jump around and then collapse on the floor a dozen times in a row. Such fun!
On Sunday, our friends Lia and Mike watched Ellie for a few hours while we went to a show at Purdue. It was nice to get out for a "last hurrah" before baby comes... and it was even better to see these pictures later and know how much fun Ellie had with her friend Colin!
Here she is getting ready to catch Colin as he went down the slide. And (below) these two are totally rapt by an episode of Dora that Ellie talked the group into watching.
A little doctor's checkup never hurt anyone...
And, of course, Lego towers had to be built. Glad to see these two having so much fun!
Thanks again to the Hansons!

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