Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Potty training

We took a big step today in Ellie's potty training. She is wearing big girl underwear for the first time!
She got to pick them out at the store herself last night, and not surprisingly we wound up with a pack of Dora's adorned ones. Brian got her ready for school this morning and reported a very excited girl when it came to putting on the pants... but then she told him about 2 minutes later that she'd peed in them. Oops. Brian got her cleaned up and tried not to have her feel too bad about it, but explained that she needs to warn daddy or mommy or her teachers before going in her pants. He sent her into daycare with extra underwear and pants, and I fully expected to pick up a bunch of dirty items along with Ellie when I got her at lunchtime today. Imagine my surprise when I found no bagged-up clothing items in her cubby! She apparently did great going on the potty at school this morning. She went again for me before nap when we got home... but I decided to put a diaper on for nap just in case. (Glad I did since it was very wet when she woke up.) Now we'll see how the afternoon progresses back in big girl pants.
I'm so proud of our Ellie!

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