Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Water park

We took Brian — er, Ellie — to a local indoor water park this past weekend. Yes, the outing was technically meant for Ellie to get her swimming fix... But Brian loves him some water slides :)
Of course, Ellie was a big fan of the shallow water activities. We visited a facility attached to one of the hotel's in town. And while the admission rate was a little steep, we figured it would be fun to try out and give our fish-baby some time in the water. Ellie had a blast playing in the water, even though it was pretty cold and her lips were turning purple after awhile! She still didn't want to get out. But finally Brian took her in to the hot tub area to swim, which luckily wasn't too hot for her to spend a little time in, and she thawed out (as did Brian!)These two had a blast! I mostly stayed on deck, since I don't have a suit that fits right now and didn't want to pay another full adult admission to the park.... But I did dip my feet in the hot tub for a few minutes while B+E were in there, and it was wonderful :)

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