Monday, August 23, 2010

Day at the beach

We went to a barbecue at Maggie and Chris' place in northern Indiana this past weekend and then hit the beach at Indiana Dunes (on Lake Michigan). Unfortunately we had to go to three beach areas before we found one that wasn't full, meaning there was room left in the parking lot. So by the time we got to an actual beach, unloaded our stuff and got to the surf and sand... Ellie was pretty tired already! But she rallied long enough to have some fun. See: tired girl. You'd think she was the one that had just carried a half dozen bags from the car! We decided to forgo the swim suit because she was fighting me on it and, well, I knew we were on borrowed time.
The waves were actually really big, for a lake anyway. Brian jumped right in and took Ellie to explore, while I yelled from shore, "Not too deep! Don't go out too far!" I'm such a mom.
Ellie and mom exploring at a reasonable depth ;) Hey, there were signs up about rip tides!
And here we are building a sand castle and watching it get swept away by the waves.
And while I was busy fixing her hat for the picture I apparently should have been blocking her from putting a huge handful of sand in her mouth. Oops.
Here's a fun video of Brian and Ellie in the waves.

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