Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Water baby

Plain and simple: Ellie is happiest when she's in, around or somehow touching water. I took our fish-baby to the zoo in the park this afternoon. We couldn't stay too long because of how hot it was outside. But we were there long enough for Ellie to pet a dragon! It's true! One of the zoo employees had a bearded dragon out and she let Ellie pat its very scaly back. What a brave girl. I didn't get a picture of it... but I got some shots of Ellie's favorite part of the zoo, the fountains near the entrance. Here she is doing her elephant walk in between them...
And here she is very pleased with herself after sitting in the water and touching the fountain with her hand.
And here she was splashing in the tub of water underneath this cool globe they have there.
The ultimate, though, was the trip she and Brian and I made to the pool on Sunday. They have this great fountain area with all sorts of squirting stuff. Ellie was in heaven and played for a long time. I love this shot!

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