Wednesday, August 25, 2010

To rugby, or not to rugby...

This topic is a little bit of a stretch on my "mom" blog... but I've been wrestling with a decision on whether or not to play in my college rugby team's alumni game this weekend.
Not the most important choice I'll ever make, granted, but something I need to decide soon. The game is this Saturday.

On the pro side:
  • I'll get to see old friends, some that I haven't seen in years. Plus, I have a super cute baby to show off this year!
  • Get some rugby action in. Rugby games take some nerve to gear up for, since there's so much contact! But once I'm playing, I always have a blast on the pitch. The alumni game I played in two years ago was so fun!
On the con side:
  • I might get hurt. Yes, rugby is a little bit physical. I don't mind a few bruises and sore muscles... but I've seen teammates break bones in previous games. Ouch.
  • Traveling to the game makes for another busy weekend. We've had so few weekends without some sort of out-of-town activity this summer! But the game is in Champaign, Ill., which is only a 90-minute drive...
I guess I'm leaning toward playing! But it's funny how my priorities have changed since having Ellie. In previous years I obviously wouldn't have sought out serious injury... but I haven't wrestled with the concern as much as I did this year. Before I didn't have the added consideration of caring for a baby — besides Brian, that is ;)
I'm just guessing, but it seems like it would be tough to have a cast or use crutches and also carry around Ellie.
And beyond the injury concerns — because I don't really expect the game to be that intense or worrisome — there's the time issue. Brian and I always seem to be running from one thing to the next these days. I can't just take a day for myself. And I have to consider nap times, meal times and play times for Ellie when figuring out travel.
It's just another example, I guess, of how motherhood changes everything!
But even while I struggle sometimes with the pace that Brian and I keep... I also want to teach Ellie to seize life by the horns and take advantage of opportunities that come her way. I want her to be involved and active throughout her life. I guess that starts with leading by example... though Brian might have other thoughts about Ellie's future rugby career!
For now, she can join dad on the sidelines and cheer on her out-of-rugby-shape mom. Lord help me...

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