Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sweet corn fest!

We took a family trip down to Wingate on Saturday for the tiny town's annual Sweet Corn Festival. Brian and I happened upon the event three years ago and have been regulars ever since... However, Brian said this might have been are last year going because he was annoyed by the organizer's decision to stop offering all-you-can-eat corn tickets. Instead, it was changed to a somewhat outrageous $2.75 for four ears of corn. Yes, we're cheap. We may be hosting our own sweet corn festival for friends in our backyard next year! ;)
As you can see, though, Ellie didn't care about the price. She had a great time at her second, technically speaking, sweet corn festival. We went to this the day before I went in to be induced last year. I was huge!
Ellie loves her some corn!

She also "played" a little with our friend Christine's son Max, who is a few weeks younger than she is. Ellie decided she didn't want to share her animal crackers...
And here's a great daddy-daughter picture amid the sweet corn awesomeness!

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