Sunday, August 21, 2011

Baby goats and more!

Although Ellie is currently feverish and sad from an ear infection, I wanted to share some pictures from a fun trip we had to the zoo last week.
We loaded up with snacks and drinks in the wagon and walked over to the park...

She insisted on pulling the wagon herself some of the way. She explored the tunnel through the river otter exhibit.

And Ellie checked out these tunnels through the prairie dogs' exhibit, but she's not tall enough yet to be able to pop her head up through the top and see what's going on above.
The highlight was seeing the baby goats... and having one nibble on her shirt. After I took the picture Ellie grabbed her shirt away from the goat and yelled, "Mine!" Hard to argue with her.

Ellie played with some of the farm vet toys, but for some reason these chickens did not take her up on her offer to listed to their chests.And no trip to the park would be complete without a stop at the swings. Her absolute favorite!

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