Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dancing bird

I heard about a dancing cockatoo visiting Lafayette one night last week and decided to drag Ellie and Brian downtown to catch the free show. Ellie was very excited all day and kept saying "Dance?... bird?" and she did a little shimmy.
Here we are hiding in the shade while we waited for the diva bird to prepare for his performance. It was HOT that night.
And here's daddy and Ellie with rapt attention.
And a faraway shot of the bird, Snowball, and his keeper. There are better pictures taken by one of the newspaper photographers here at this link.
And I caught a short video of some of Snowball's moves... and Ellie's reaction. The bird's favorite artist is the Backstreet Boys, but he also got down to some Lady Gaga and then a nice Sousa march.

If anyone wants to catch more of Snowball's act, there are tons of YouTube videos of him. Here's one video tribute he does to Michael Jackson's music... I showed Ellie one of the videos last night and now she's back to asking for "Dance? bird?" a half dozen times a day. She's Snowball's biggest fan.

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