Friday, August 26, 2011

Cooking success

Brian and I finally attempted making homemade pizza dough and cooking it on the grill last night. And it turned out awesome!
I used this crust recipe.
I doubled the ingredients so we could have a thick crust — our favorite — and then we kept the toppings simple, with homemade tomato sauce, mushrooms, cheese, basil and fresh garden tomato slices. For some reason I'm super skittish about cooking with yeast... always sure it's not going to work. But this one came out great. I can't wait to try some more pizza varieties! And cooking it on the grill made it all that much better. We just threw the whole pizza stone on there and kept checking on it. Brian saved it just as it started to get a little burned at the edge of the crust, probably about 15-20 minutes in.
I didn't get any pics of our finished product because we were too busy devouring it. Well, Brian and I were anyway. Even though Ellie loves pizza, she was being a weirdo last night and only took a couple bites of hers. But we didn't let it go to waste :)
It's great to be back to eating a wide variety of foods. I hardly have any aversions anymore, so Brian and I are trying to return to this year's goal of trying a new recipe each week. Next week I think we're trying this cover recipe from the new Cooking Light. I love homemade mac-n-cheese and am intrigued that this one uses butternut squash and greek yogurt. Yum!

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  1. I think I know what I'm adding to our menu next week.