Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Playtime, cars and closets

It was a busy and productive Tuesday at the Schneiderheimer's house!
First up, the cute stuff: Ellie and I played outside and enjoyed the cool evening when Brian had to go back to work for his monthly Science Cafe event. Ellie stole my sandals and played with some of the bubbles she got for her birthday. Happy girl!

Earlier in the afternoon she accompanied mom and dad while we completed the sale of my former car, the Mercury Sable we recently replaced with a minivan. I am so excited to have that car sold and the money applied toward our minivan loan! We got a pretty good sale price for it and unloaded it on a Purdue international grad student — who seems very excited about his first car.

After Ellie went to bed I spent a couple hours sorting clothes in my closet. I pulled out a bunch of pants, skirts and shirts that are too tight these days. And I started pulling out maternity wear... but I also found a bin of clothes I packaged up in the past year as I dropped a bunch of weight. I'm glad I held on to some of this stuff because it'll serve me well in the next few months. I'm sure I'll get to the point later in the fall where it's maternity-or-nothing... but it's nice to still fit in to some real pants, and to feel like I have more than 2 options when I go to pull an outfit out for work. I've only gained 5 pounds so far — right on track for the end of the first trimester — but it's all in the waist and chest, which seriously alters how my clothes fit (or not). I caught myself feeling a bit nervous and sad as I put away my newer, smaller clothes. But I've promised to remain upbeat about my growing body and my plans to regain my shape post-pregnancy... and I intend to do so. When pregnant with Ellie I had nothing to go on except the widespread warnings about how hard it is to lose baby-weight and how many women don't. Knowing that I was able to pull it off (and then some!) after Ellie was born gives me more confidence that I'll do the same the second time around. So, I'll say good-bye to my "skinny" clothes for now and count on pulling them back out next year.

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