Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Her boyfriend is back

This is Brian, just for clarification. I figured I'd show up like I do every few months or so.
Dorothy, Ellie and I had dinner with our friends Haley and Dusty over the weekend, giving Ellie some (supervised) quality time with her boyfriend, Dusty. Ellie, like most little girls I'm sure, is shy around men, including all her uncles. But Dusty is another story.
For some reason, Ellie asks about Dusty quite often. Once I asked if Dusty was her boyfriend, to which she gave an emphatic "YES."
I've often said that Ellie cannot date until she's finished her Master's degree, but we like Dusty. There's quite an age difference, and he's married, but as long as she's back by bed time (7 p.m.) and has a clean diaper, we think it'll be OK.
When it was time to leave Haley and Dusty's, Ellie readily gave Haley a hug and kiss. We expected some shyness about Dusty, but Ellie immediately ran over and hugged him. I told her to give Dusty a kiss on the cheek, but she planted one right on his mouth.
On another boyfriend-type note, Ellie's apparent favorite song is "My Boyfriend's Back" by the Angels. The teachers at daycare tell me she asks for the song often, and when it comes on the CD they play, she stands facing the player and sways until it's over.
This morning, they got out the CD, and while Ellie refused to dance for us, she was mesmerized during the entire song. As it wound down, she frantically said "Please, please!" while pointing at the player. She wanted to hear it again.
"One more time!?!? Fireworks!" she squealed.
We learned "one more time" while watching a fireworks video on YouTube the other day. So, whenever she says that, she follows it up with "Fireworks!"
I'll leave you with this, the video of the Angels, which Ellie has seen and couldn't take her eyes off.

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