Monday, August 29, 2011

Wedding pics

Maggie and Chris already got wedding photos back from their photographer, so I wanted to share some shots from the Aug. 20 event. Maggie was nice enough to let me hijack the photog for a minute to get a quick family photo. Ellie was sticking her tongue out in most of the shots... but it's still cute. And check out how skinny Brian is in his dapper new dress shirt (which he went shopping for with my mom on the afternoon of the wedding after realizing that the shirt he brought was a tent on him due to all his weight loss). These pictures were taken at Taltree Arboretum and Gardens in Valparaiso where the ceremony was held.
Here's a great shot of the cousins — Jay, Alora, Ellie and Mason.
The immediate Schneider family (from left... Dan, Jim, Maggie, Chris, my mom and Ben)
This was a cousin picture Ellie never would have complied with. The photographer had the kids pose with the cupcakes and pretend to take bites, but then they had to put them aside until after dinner! Maggie made it work by promising the kids they could have as many cupcakes as they wanted for dessert. I'm sure their parents were pleased :)
Here I am giving a toast to the happy couple. I look way more composed here than I actually was. Lots of tears from me, but I got some laughs from the room, too.
Awkward hug post-toast.
Here's daddy and Ellie playing with some Color Wonder finger paints. This is normal for a wedding reception, right?

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