Monday, August 1, 2011

Two-year photo shoot

I took Ellie in for her 2-year photo shoot on Sunday and she did great!
I'm really impressed that you can't tell in these photos that Ellie was a fraction of a second from jumping out of the frame all together. Even though I'm still Ellie's paparazzi, I've had a tough time in recent months getting great shots of her because she's always on the move. Thank goodness for some professional help in capturing her toothy grin and mischievous smile :)

It's not in these photos, but my favorite part of the shoot was when Ellie stole the hippo hand puppet from the photographer and started chasing people around the studio trying to "get" them. She also was adorned in a fuzzy pink boa she found in the studio, but sadly that was after the photo session was over. Next time I need to remember my own camera for some the-making-of-Ellie's-photo-shoot pictures!

If anyone wants to order copies of the pictures, let me know ( and I'll email you the link.

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  1. She looks like she was having a ball! Great pictures, she looks beautiful. :)