Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Building a bear

We went down to the Build-a-bear store in Indy on Saturday to make one of Ellie's Christmas presents. I'd never been to one either, so I was as excited as Ellie! (maybe more...)
Brian and I put a pile of the animals on the floor and had Ellie choose her own. She picked up the panda bear and hugged it, so we decided that was the one. Above is Brian and Ellie waiting in line for the bear stuffing. Ellie loved the machine that stuffed the bears since it made a loud "whirring" noise. She also loves the coffee bean grinder and vacuum for the same reason :)
Mom and Ellie showing off the bear. And (below) dad and Ellie using the vacuum to clean any extra fuzz off her panda.

This one is just too cute of our big girl cruising around the store. She loves her new panda!

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