Monday, December 6, 2010

Daddy on board

So, I haven't blogged in forever. This is Brian, in case you were about to call Dorothy a liar. SHE blogs all the time.
This was originally supposed to be a joint venture, but I fell off the map sometime last year. Will me new zeal for blogging last? We'll see.
I will have more time for such things, for sure. We just dumped cable last week. No more sitting in front of SportCenter in the morning with a cup of coffee and Muzzy on my lap. I could play the Wii, but I don't want to bounce around and wake up Ellie.
Losing the cable is a big deal for us. We are usually glued to the television at night. We pick way too many shows to follow, and even when they turn out to be bad, we have a hard time letting them go. You get invested in the story lines. You've been there.
But I'm letting go. I'm cutting the cord. I've dumped several shows myself lately and may have a couple more on the block soon. Dorothy hasn't let them all go. And that's fine. I think we need to have some individual hobbies from time to time. I'm just not sure what those will be.
So, feel free to drop some ideas. And check back here to see if I keep up the blogging. Maybe the pressure will keep me coming back.
- Brian


  1. You're braver than I am. We've thought about getting rid of cable, but that makes live sports a bit of a challenge. Otherwise, we could get by with Netflix and the Internet. I hope to see updates about how well this works for you.

  2. (Dorothy here)
    Brian did insist on delaying the cable drop until after the World Series ended! We miss NFL games, but haven't had much time to watch them since Ellie got on the scene anyhow... we'll see how this adjustment goes.