Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New words

We've said before that Ellie seems to learn new things in waves. We'll get several new things all at once, and, proud of her accomplishments, she'll be content for a couple weeks before picking up new things.
We've just gone through a fun wave, which has brought some new games and abilities. Here are a few.
Dorothy learned the other day that Ellie likes to hide her toys. Well, hide is a stretch. She puts them in the seat of her princess cart in plain view of everyone in the room. But once the lid is closed, she throws up her hands, gets a puzzled look and asks in garbled baby talk "Where is it?" Almost immediately, she fishes it out and grins ear to ear. We assumed she learned this game at daycare, but they had never seen this. It's still a bit of a mystery to us.
Ellie has a newfound love of the dogs. She's always yelled her word for dog when they run into the room, but she's gotten a lot more hands-on, shall we say, with them lately. Whereas she used to walk up to the dogs, maybe let them lick her a bit, she now dives on top of them, grabs ears and tails and really just romps them all she wants. Muzzy is more amenable to this, but Radar doesn't mind too much.
And one of my favorites these days is that Ellie is starting to mimic the words we say more often. While this will require some language changes from some of us (yeah, I know I just mean me), it is great to see Ellie expand her vocabulary. We're learning that baby language that is really only discernable by parents, and that's fun as well. One of my favorite words she's mimicked lately is our friend Nick's name. It basically came out as a loud kxxx. Close enough.
- Brian

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