Thursday, December 16, 2010

A seat at the table

We're trying something new to improve Ellie's mealtime attention span, and hopefully the amount of food that makes it into her mouth instead of on the floor.
Instead of eating on the tray that attaches to her booster seat, we've decided to pull her seat up to the dining room table with us. The picture from above was taken before we remembered that there are height adjustments on the side of the seat ... so she no longer looks like she's eating in a hole!
The "experiment" is going pretty well. I think Ellie likes sitting at the table with mom or dad, or both, and feeling like the meal is an actual event. I hope this will be part of a shift of all of us eating dinner together every night. We do sometimes, but often Ellie is ready for dinner long before Brian and I have had time to cook. So it's often last night's leftovers for Ellie at 5 p.m. and then dinner for us closer to 7 when Ellie's already gone to bed. I'm sure over time we'll all meet in the middle somewhere. For now I'm just happy to see her taking mealtime seriously and not thinking that throwing food on the floor will mean that we'll set her down and let her eat it there... I blame the dogs for that bad influence! :)

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