Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy birthday, Brian!

Today Brian is 31 years old. I'll refrain from jokes about how old he is and instead share some sappy stuff. Brian often tells me and Ellie that he doesn't think he could love us any more than he already does but knows that he will in the next hour or day or year. It's the perfect way to sum up my love for him and our love for this precious child we've created. The goofy crush that sprouted between two classmates back in grad school has matured (a little, anyway) into this soulful love between partners for life. We're definitely on the ride together and every day with Ellie reminds us of that. And I'm so grateful to know that through the ups and downs, twists and somersaults of life that Brian is by my side.

As Ellie and I help Brian celebrate his birthday, we have to reflect on how lucky we are. We couldn't ask for a better man. And to help remind us of that, we've compiled this little list of "31 things Ellie and I love about Dad/Brian."

  1. He makes us laugh.
  2. Holds us when we’re sad.
  3. Reassures us that everything will be OK, no matter what.
  4. Does funny voices (Dot especially enjoys his rendition of several characters from Steel Magnolias, while Ellie is a fan of all of his Winnie the Pooh voices.)
  5. Sings silly songs.
  6. Good at styling hair. (Ellie’s… not Dot’s)
  7. Cooks great food.
  8. Shovels in the winter.
  9. Starts the car early to warm it up in the morning.
  10. Grows us veggies in the summer.
  11. Is a grill-master!
  12. Pretends to pull a hamstring to let Dot win at the end of runs (sometimes…)
  13. Suffers through Christmas music leading up to the holiday.
  14. Acts like a little kid whenever we’re at the beach.
  15. Picks us up and swings us around.
  16. Is a reading fanatic.
  17. Tells us more than we ever wanted to know about whatever history book he’s reading at the time.
  18. Tells us more than we ever wanted to know about whatever research release he’s working on at the time.
  19. Says we’re beautiful and makes us feel special.
  20. Takes care of us when we’re sick.
  21. Surprises us with fun stuff!
  22. Loves to try new recipes and places.
  23. Puts up with us when we’re cranky.
  24. Gives us treats — that one is partly from the dogs, too!
  25. Kills bugs for us.
  26. Gets things from the basement because he knows it creeps Dot out.
  27. Reaches things that are too high for us — unless it’s something he’s just taken away from Ellie because she was climbing on it or trying to eat it…
  28. Is generous.
  29. Had tremendous faith in our future.
  30. Spins quite a yarn. What a storyteller…
  31. Loves and protects his family.

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